My Favorite Influencers in the Homeschool Community

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My Favorite Influencers in the Homeschool Community

If you are a homeschooling newbie, or a homeschooling veteran, I am sure these awesome ladies will bless you as you get to know them.  By the end of this list, I hope you will have found someone new to encourage you on your homeschooling journey.

Leader #1: Sarah Janisse Brown –

Sarah is an amazing homeschooling mom to 10 children, who adopted a family of 5 children to give them a family of 15 children!  She is the creator of a method of schooling called Fun-Schooling.

She has an amazing heart for service and is currently running a group learning center at her church for children who need a place to learn during the Covid lockdown.

She began her journey as a curriculum creator when her daughter was struggling with reading due to dyslexia.

This same daughter went on to write and record a full musical that my children and I absolutely love.  It’s called, His Story The Musical.

You won’t find a more humble, loving person to guide you on your way in your homeschool adventure.  We are using several of their books and journals(you can see mine in the top photo).  I will be sharing my favorite ones and also featuring one of them in my foreign language learning series.

Her website is:

Find Sarah on social media: Facebook

Leader #2: Ana Willis –

I met Ana through a Facebook marketing course.  She was one of their featured students and I just fell in love with her bubbly, joyful personality.  Her family road schools and their adventures are so inspiring. 

She has a huge heart for encouraging moms, like me, so I guess that’s where I have such a huge spot for her in my heart.

She not only helps homeschool moms, but she has a great Hebrew course for homeschoolers who want to learn Hebrew!

As a language lover, this is so inspiring for me.  I will be checking out her course and reviewing it in my foreign language series.  Here is the link for her class: Hebrew For Homeschoolers

You can learn more about Ana here: 

Website:  They Call Me Blessed

Social Media: Facebook

Leader #3: Irina Rena –

I met Irina on the great connecter of souls, Facebook.  Lol.  She is an amazing mom blogger who coaches parents on unit studies and also has a podcast!  

My favorite thing about her is her “earthy”, yet very fashion forward vibe.  I grew up on a farm, so I love all of that “down to earth”-ness and she is passionate about living naturally.  She has this amazing creative side that I absolutely adore.

To find out more about Irina and her homeschooling adventures, as well as Unit Studies coaching, follow her here:

Website:Home Grown Adventures

Social Media:Facebook

Leader #4: Christene Owens – Little Rabbit Trails

Christene and I met on, yep you guessed it, Facebook.  She is the author of a book called, Relaxed Homeschooling.

She is going to be publishing her second book very soon, called A Year of Poetry Tea Time, which I was able to take part in as a judge for the poetry contest that chose people to feature in the book.  I am also going to be published in the book with my own poetry!

She creates unit studies and has her own Facebook group and blog.

You can learn more about Christene here:

Website: Little Rabbit Trails

Social Media: Facebook

Leader #5: Rosemary Hamilton – The Homeschooling Spoonie

If you know what a “spoonie” is, you need to go and get to know Rosemary.  If you don’t know what one is, but you have chronic illness, or autoimmune issues, you need to go and get to know Rosemary!

She is an amazing homeschooling mama who encourages other mamas like herself(and me) who deal with chronic health issues, her community is so full of love and encouragement and useful advice on how to manage homeschool with a chronic health issue.

She also does consultations, to help you find holes in your child’s education, find resources for homeschooling, and set up a routine that works for you.

If you, like me, struggle with chronic health issues, I highly recommend becoming a part of her amazing community.  She is only on FB at the moment, but she does have a FB group for all her “Spoonie” moms.

Social Media: The Homeschooling Spoonie – FB

Leader #6: Betsy Jenkins – Homeschooling With The Classics

Let’s face it.  Homeschooling can be amazing, but it’s no cake walk!

Sometimes, we just need to laugh… hopefully at least once a day.  lol(see what I did there?)

When you need some silly in your life, go find Betsy on FB and IG at Homeschooling With The Classics.  She interweaves homeschool humor with real life and encouragement.

Who is Betsy?  Her personal IG says this: I live with 6 men in a 100 year old cabin on a lake in NC. Unsocialized homeschoolers.

But, she is so much more than that.  Take one look at her posts, and you will see she is witty, intelligent and has a huge heart.  I guess that’s why so many people love her humor!

The thing I love about her content, in addition to all of that, is that I am seeing art that I have never seen before and getting a touch of art history study while I have a good laugh.

Living in the sticks myself, and at least a couple hundred miles from a proper art museum, it’s great to see all the interesting art she presents.

Here’s my recommendation… EVERY homeschooler needs Betsy in their lives… so go follow her!

Social Media: Facebook Instagram

P.S.  If you love funny t-shirts, she has her own shop!  Get them here:  Amazon T-Shirt Shop

Leader #7: Sarah Beth Watson – Beyond Elementary

O.K.  So, I am not my own favorite, but, I guess I am in a way, because I truly believe I have something important and valuable to offer you!

When I first started homeschooling, I was thrown into the deep end and it was pretty lonely and stressful and scary(read more about that HERE), and I want to lessen that struggle for other moms and help them get where they want to go, and still keep their sanity.

Even more than that, my mission is to encourage moms as the heart of a homeschooling family to lead and disciple their children and strengthen the family.

Social Media: Facebook Instagram


I truly hope you find some resources, and maybe, like me, some wonderful friends as you explore the women on this list.  

One thing I love about these women, is that they have taken a challenge in their lives and they have turned it to something good that can benefit others.  It’s so inspirational to me!

To see what I am turning into lemonade from the lemons in my life, follow me on social media and make sure to subscribe to my emails, so you can have access to my resource library that I am adding to regularly, and be the first to find out when I have fun stuff to give away!

With All My Love,

Sarah Beth

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